Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hung Up On, Art Shows, Dogs House (SM)

Hung Up On…

Hung up on Madonna is what the world will be for the next little spell. Yes the dance floors of the world are about to fall prey to major Madge magic. She's created the perfect dance song.

The single is the perfect dance song.

I was listening to it with a fellow writer friend and he mentioned something interesting I had not noticed. The way the song starts off is identical to the experience of walking into a dance club. As I listened I heard it. When you are outside the club all you hear is the bass. Then as you enter it is bass and some midrange noises and as you get close you hear more and then when you walk into the room you get this rush of music. Damn clever producing I say.

That rush immediately carried me off somewhere at every circuit event these bones have gyrated at for many an hour. Interesting structure also because regardless of what type of music you like that would be a shared experience entering any club.

This song is so happy it makes you move. There will be stampedes to the dance floors ladies. Saddle up! I think even a bad dancer will be able to fake a move or two to this sucker. It gets in your blood and starts giggling and grooving.

I’ve heard one remix, Tracy Young’s. Can we say techno/trance! YAY! But it got lots of percussion and all the vocals to keep the house queens happy. Whereas the single gives you happy boogie woogie shoes Young’s version says, “Ummmm excuse me, your ass on the dance floor now!” It is a great first remix with very broad appeal. If this was the single we would still be very impressed.

Fuck! I sound like a fag gushing over Madonna!! Someone shoot me. Please.

Art Shows…

Art shows us we are the highest evolved species on the planet. Everything else we do in life is part of a structure that is aimed at keeping ourselves alive and propagating our species. Its all systems with one aim – stay alive. And every other living creature on the planet is doing the same thing. Only the structures and systems maybe at various stages of complexity. We humans think we are the most complex things on the planet. But any scientist would agree there are a lot more things outside us we do not understand then there are inside us. So that makes us less complex if we employ a little sloppy logic.

But it is in art where we step outside every other species. We think it is our ability to know or our (self)consciousness that defines us as human but I think it is our ability to produce art that shows us we are human. Highbrow or lowbrow is irrelevant. From the most salacious joke to the piercing aria all is art. Interesting that some of our most abundant forms of art come from a need to entertain ourselves. But it is creativity that says this species is different than the rest.

Dogs House…

Dogs house a curiosity for me from which I feel I may finally have found a cure. See I’ve thought about getting a dog. A Weimaraner I was thinking. They are suppose to be standoffish and moody. But then I was thinking of having to pick up its poop. But then a dog owner told me that once you get attached to the beast you’d take a bullet for it. But then I was thinking that I would have to make arrangements anytime I wanted to do anything outside its schedule. Then I was thinking it would be like having a two year old that never grows up and leaves home. But then I was thinking that I could overcome all those drawbacks and get myself a dog until I finally thought!! We eat animals we don’t live with them.