Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tony Bennett Versus The Other Guy

So anyway I was on amazon reading some record reviews of Tony Bennett CDs and this guy was saying how Frank Sinatra made better records then Tony Bennet.

My dear man I guess you have not heard the compilation called JAZZ or how about The Beat of My Heart an amazing experiment in vocal and percussion, Home Town, My Town is a much more well conceived and executed album tribute to NYC than Frank's Come Fly With Me. The Bassie stuff is top quality. Bennett is a singer. A singer who loves the American Song Book. A singer who loved Jazz and constantly did quality side projects that his record label discouraged. Probably one of the few mistakes in the long and disguished career of Clive Davis.

Frank Sinatra was an Entertainer. Was he a Singer/Actor or Actor/Singer. I think Frank Sinatra was a fantastic entertainer and the style of singing was that of an entertainer. I actually think he is more entertaining as an actor. I have never been a fan of his phrasing and have always found it somewhat flat and uninspired. Yeah I just said all that. But yes Frank was a star and a damn good entertainer. I don't think he and Tony Bennett should be compared. The same way we can never ask who is the greater athlete, Tiger Woods or Michael Jordon?

And in the end we can always go with the oft-quoted Frank Sinatra who said, "for my money, tony bennett is the best singer in the business".


I could ramble on about longevity in career and Bennett actually walking away from the music business and doing his own label to produce his own music.

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