Tuesday, December 07, 2004

"Give me a kiss to build a dream on and my imagination will ..." (NSM->SM)

People ask me all the time questions like, "Do you miss Singapore?" "Would you go back?" or "Would you go visit?" I don't miss Singapore. But, I would definitely make sure it is a place to stop on my way somewhere else as I have two beautiful friends there. Will an innocent sweet soul and Wai Ming a beautiful person in every sense of the word on the inside and out. Whenever I talk about Wai Ming I get this profound rush of blood in my heart as if some cosmic force is making our hearts beat as one for a moment. When that moment is over people usually begin to feel loss or longing. But for me after that momentary cosmic connection where our souls share a memory of each other at the same time and we are floating in the neo-sphere of ideas that causes us to remember to me that is an amazing idea.

What is an idea but energy bursts escaping off into a cosmic field of energy. What if two people sending out cosmic energies and those energies started to collide sharing the common experience again? That would account for people saying they were just thinking about the other person as they bumped into them or received a phone call. We say, “Hey I was just thinking about you a little while ago and there you are.” See that may sound all far out and like what is he smoking man and where can I get some but I do see that this collide of shared memory is responsible for me seeing the beautiful lean body of Wai Ming on the deck of BV Swimming Pool reading a book. He looked so smart and yet so bloody cute, sexy, and handsome at the same time. Like Hugh Grant. Is he boyish or is he handsome? See it depends on how you dress him up. Wai Ming is like that. Sometimes when he is serious he looks handsome and mature. But sometimes he can laugh and be like a boy or when you are with him on the subway in Singapore and as you exit the subway you kiss him goodbye and exit the car and turn around and smile. Gotcha you thought and you looked at his face and there was a sweet boy caught being part of a devilish prank. And then there is his voice. He has the most gorgeous dulcet tones. And that is where the other Hugh Grant characteristic comes in. He has the same word cadence. I have said it to him that I think he is a Chinese Hugh Grant. I did not sleep with Wai Ming enough when I was in Singapore. That was Singapore’s fault not mine. It is bigger than me. But I am thankful for that moment of memory to rekindle moments of passion.

Then those rekindled moments of passion are the fuel for the belief that in an alternate universe on a planet with similar timelines to this one Wai Ming and I are an old married couple who retired and have been writing books for a living. As well as Wai Ming's continued work with children. That is another thing about Wai Ming I think is cool. He works with special needs people. There are some very serious handicaps he deals with. I worked at a Jean Vanier L'Arche community for six weeks one summer and man it tested me greatly. Some I passed some I failed. But whenever he writes about it the words are filled with such compassion and they sound so genuine. You can see the pain and the hope. Wai Ming always writes about hope. Even through pain or especially through pain. I on the other hand write out of darkness and that darkness has a completely different kind of pain but yet at the very end there is hope still. But yeah his vocation is humbling. And part of me feels I got a bit of the essence of what it feels like to be married to him in that brief moment of connectedness we had through the cosmic collide of memory. Wow that was weird. ahhhhh Wai Ming.

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