Saturday, October 23, 2004

Big Boom Whom Soon Sum? (SM)

When I went to see “I-Robot” I was on the computer’s side. Damn that Will Smith cybernetic arm. With the sloppy state of the world today I do not have faith in humanities ability to save a goldfish. I suppose I should actually say “man” and not humanity for it is the male side of humanity that has created this mess. Maybe the female side can clean it up. But I have a fear that the snowball is rolling down the hill so fast collecting so much crap that when it hits the bottom it is going to be a gargantuan and messy ka-boom!! Even attempting to get it back up the hill would be Sisyphean. Where did it start to go wrong?

Man is the only animal that kills outside its own food chain. Man is the only animal that kills for sport. Man is the only animal that kills for shoes. Man is the only animal that can create things with high levels of sophistication. Therein is the problem. The moment we learned how to make tools we began the process of throwing the natural order out of sync. That is the moment we started killing across many food chains and for more than just food – the beautiful shoes.

Think about it. Before all the above happened all the critters fed off each other and all the systems were even cross-integrated. Simple - think about when all the animals (and prehistoric man included) pissed and shit wherever they found themselves they provided the fertiliser for all the plants and animals etc etc and the cycle of life continued. But no more for we are responsible for the destruction of this planet and right now we are in the poisoning stage of that destruction. Has all our self-realisation been worth the price?

Then I find myself trying to see the big picture, you know the whole solar system, galaxy, universe, time thing. Maybe man is really just another cog in a “deus ex machina” much greater than our creative powers can comprehend?

Maybe earth is just one big magnetic battery feeding power to the universe (and vice versa) like all the other planets. Maybe all the combustible gasses we are giving off are causing the earth to become a more powerful battery and we are starting to see the energy spike. This spike may last a while longer. But like all batteries it will start to die out. Are human’s a part of the internal fuel for the earth battery? When we finally consume ourselves we will have a final energy burst and destroy all around us. This is maybe the same thing that is happening with all the stars, planetary batteries burning out. Now pull back as far as your mind can get you and think of this big glowing ball all glimmering throughout with cascades of light flowing through it as energy expands and collapses. Maybe each one of those flashes is how some being holding that ball measures a second.

Now if that is not reason enough to go, “What the fuck are you on man?” Maybe realising that the earth explodes in this little grandiose theory is a more immediate concern for sadness. Is there a way to slow down our battery burnout? Is returning to our historical ways that were a bit more renewable energy systems oriented the only solution or even possible. Do we care? The lack of motivation for acting responsibly with the planet is due in part to the reality we cannot see past our noses. Our singular lives will most likely be but a grain of sand in the immortal (or not) hourglass. Because acting responsibly now does not impact us directly but future generations we can turn a blind eye to it and let someone else worry about it. Or maybe we think it is just the natural order of things and it will all take care of itself. Regardless we do not see any imminent danger connected to our present and supposedly inconsequential actions.

But hey there is no need to fret now. Think of what might happen when earth explodes and throws off the gravitational pulls of all the planets. If our ka-boom does not cause a cascading of ka-booms the planets will realign in relationship to the sun. That will then cause a shift in climates across all the planets and on one of those new climates a single cell divides and a new battery begins to be built into a power cell and the process of energy transference continues.

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