Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Media Colonization (SM)

hy have other countries with similar or greater populations not had the international reach, success, and global control that the USA has? The answer is to be found in the very fabric of society. Most eastern cultures are built on preserving the family unit through observance of history and tradition. Society is a mere collection of families.

Western society is based on the individual being all he can become. Even the family unit is mere training ground for the individual to go off and become all that he can. And then that individual will find another individual to create more individuals.

When a society is based on family, history, and tradition it looks backward before it looks forward whereas when a society is based on the freedom of the individual it looks forward before it looks backward. The first looks back for guidance on how to proceed; the second looks forward for inspiration to guide.

When a society is based on individuals making it on their own they have to do so outside the family unit - therein they are explorers by nature. And explorers not only discover but then pass on all their beliefs and processes.

So that is why the USA is the world's best explorer at this time in history. It was previously the British Empire. (As you go back in history you find periods of exploration in most cultures histories.) But once they decided to stop exploring and stay put in one place they came up against a large population. And it was probably the passing on of Western education that taught colonized people to fight for independence. All those histories of conquering made the colonizers think to give it a try themselves and kicked the British out. And because the British ran out of places to mine for resources they no longer had big amounts of cash for military pursuits. The reduced resources had to be used to look after growing populations and the upkeep of current colonies.

Now it is America's turn. But America is doing a new breed of colonization. Media Colonization. CNN is the lead horse in the communication systems race of the world. This first started within the country when small media shops joined. They became bigger and bigger after merger after merger after hostile takeovers. Now the American Ideology is in the hands of a few giants and though they have varying opinions on what it is to be American they all embrace and would die for freedom of the individual.

Media is the harnessed power. A power that cannot be avoided for it is no longer just a colonizastion for land and resources it has also become a colonization of ideologies. And the ideology that has the biggest TV satellite is the United States of America; it is an ideology that happens to have a huge army (military and non) of like-minded explorers. Victory is certain based on the current strategies, market shares, and players.

As America liberates the world it will use its media to empower the colonized. The information will be at the hands of “Friends” and “Everyone Loves Raymond” and at the hands of Larry King and Dan Rather. And yes OPRAH and Dr Phil. And what will the message be? The freedom of the individual with the ultimate expression of the individual being “one who makes it on his own”. Next comes being a responsible consumer; it is consumerism that is the fuel of media colonisation. The colonizer needs more open markets to provide more products for domestic consumption.

America will take its place in explorer history, though it may take a few generations to happen. As the British bumped into large populations who resisted those ideologies or acquired them based on the ideology that they should be free from the colonizers, so too will the USA bump into those who do not wish to be colonized any further. And then those populations of new individuals will begin to explore the world.

The USA should not be surprised when the colonized respond with force for they responded with force to their coloniser?

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