Monday, October 04, 2004

Why are so many gay men obsessed with the body beautiful? (SM)

Homosexuality has a narcissism quotient. Until recently homosexuals could not procreate nor adopt. Children make people look outside themselves. (Pets and plants do as well to a lesser degree.) With no children to take them outside themselves gay men can focus all their disposable cash and time to pursuits they wish to enjoy - where, when, however they choose to do so. This eventually leads to self-absorption and one of the ways to be self-absorbed is through body obsession and the pursuit of mythic body types. Lets face it on some level we are all measuring our ass and chest by the creation of Michealangelo's hammer and chisel. Though most often we feel smugly satisfied thinking he has a small dick! Maybe a comparision to his modern progeny? But then again maybe he was a grower not a shower and if you were in a town square with people staring at you ya might not be able to let yer manhood extend so far either. Off to the gym.

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